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Project Management

The planning of a project can be a time-consuming and costly process. The cost of a poorly planned and mis-managed project however will be more evident if the original objectives are not realised. If a project fails, costs will have been incurred for which there are no benefits. Statistics show that more than half of all IT projects are considered to have failed.

The formation of a Project Team and the appointment of a Business Sponsor are of primary importance to ensure the successful implementation of any business systems project.

The task of a Project Manager is to develop an effective Project Plan which amongst, other elements:

  • Has a business case
  • Has goals, objectives and a clear scope
  • Establishes the project structure
  • Defines tasks and deliverables
  • Identifies resource requirements
  • Identifies and mitigates risks and issues
  • Has a change management plan

Most companies, in deciding to purchase and implement a system, will have to commit a large capital outlay to the project. To achieve positive return on investment early, it is necessary to ensure that a Project Plan is in place.

Good Project Management is essential to ensure that 'slippage' does not occur as a result of, for example, over-optimistic estimates, inadequate budgets or non-conformance to planned tasks.

AIT as Project Manager:

Has a track record of delivering complex IT projects acting as an independent voice and liaising with Vendors, the Client's business managers and the Project Team

Has proven project management experience that ensures practical advice can be applied to situations as they arise. They will also coach and mentor the Client's team to effect knowledge transfer

Operate within the framework of a highly developed, well provided project management methodology, that is tailored dependent on the size, circumstances and complexity of a project. AIT uses the PRINCE2 methodology as a standard but other methodologies can be used if required by the customer.

Can work at multiple levels due to the size and expertise of the AIT consultancy team e.g.:

  • Executive/Board level
  • Classic Project Manager
  • 'Hands on' (implementation/data level)
  • Project support
  • Methods and systems level (processes and procedures)
  • Documentation

These classification have different connotations from project to project, however each project will have the requirement for all of these levels of support. The problem facing most companies is finding the right resource, with the time, inclination and ability to perform the role to an acceptable standard.