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Applications and Interfaces

Sometimes the implementation of a single system, even an ERP system, is not enough to satisfy all requirements. There may be existing legacy systems which need to be "connected", you may be implementing more than one new system or there may just be things that the new system just can't do to your satisfaction.

In these cases, some bespoke application interfaces may be required, not only to complete your technical or data requirements but in many cases to complete the financial payback of the implementation project.

Listed below are some of the applications and interfaces developed by AIT using a number of different technologies. Applications like these can be easily developed to meet your requirements. The scope is not limited to this list:

Integration of Movex ERP system with UK warehousing system with batch customer order entry, off-line picking and creation of delivery documentation (Microsoft Access and API)*

Use of manufacturing API's to enable a web interface to report manufacturing orders by production slot (sequence). One click can report an unlimited number (typically 200 - 600) of order initiated manufacturing orders with full exception reporting. (ASP and API)*
Interface to Excel based production schedules for optimisation and sequencing of product through the factory. Visual management schedules and slot boards are produced, annotated with engineering change notices. Planned manufacturing orders in Movex are rescheduled by the application. (Excel, OLEDB, API)
Web based interface to the Movex configurator allowing easy product configuration and generation of customer orders.(ASP and API)
Manufacturing Order reporting with a bar code front end(ASP and API)
Form based purchase order receipt for vendor managed inventory allowing vendor representatives restricted access to the ERP system.(Access and API)

Full two-way interface to the vendor e-commerce web site which manages the communication and interaction with material suppliers - purchase order confirmation, forecasts, reschedule request, claims and engineering changes. (ASP and API)

Item enquiry - showing item master, multiple warehouse stocks, item supplier pricing and delivery history on one screen.(ASP and API)

Product structure interface - allowing adding / modification / deleting of new item master, item warehouse, item facility without allowing full access to the item master maintenance (MMS001). Has built in business rules which validate data entered and set appropriate configuration options (Access and API)
Item back flush locations - mass update of product structure records (Access and API)
Spare parts planning including amalgamation of sales and distribution orders and identification of manufacturing orders required - order initiated, Kanban and Orderless.
Claims processing - enhanced workflow to enable easier processing of raw material inspection and supplier claims (ASP, OLEDB)

These are samples of interfaces developed. The following have also been developed and implemented:

  • Spares order DIFOT (delivered in full on time) analysis (Excel, OLEDB)

  • Budget analysis - evaluates the effect on overall production budget by monitoring the purchase price variation of raw materials (Excel, Access, OLEDB)

  • IT help desk - issues maintenance and documentation index (ASP, OLEDB)

  • Many analysis reports including items under inspection, aged stock analysis, inventory projection, work in progress analysis etc

And many more.....



*API - Application Program Interface
 ASP - Active Server Page (Intranet or Internet)